Tips For Building Your Own Residential Sauna

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What are some tips for building your own sauna?

Tips For Building Your Own Residential Sauna

One option for installing a home sauna is to design and build it yourself. If you are handy and have some experience with home installation or repair, building your own home sauna could be a satisfying and rewarding experience.

When building your own sauna, follow these guidelines:

• Do a lot of research. Look at home sauna brochures, saunas in stores, and saunas in other people's homes to get ideas for your own sauna
• Design carefully. Make sure your plans are solid and you spend as much time planning the design as you plan to spend building the sauna
• Talk to others. Try to connect with others who have designed and built their own saunas. Look at their work and designs and learn from their processes
• Consider refurbished materials. You can get refurbished wood and metal from many lumberyards. Refurbished materials make your sauna more unique and more earth-friendly



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