How to Select a Manufacturer For Your Residential Sauna

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How should you pick a manufacturer for your home sauna?

How to Select a Manufacturer For Your Residential Sauna

If you have decided you want a pre-fabricated home sauna kit or a custom home sauna from a manufacturer, you will need to decide what manufacturer to purchase from. When considering what manufacturer to work with, consider the following items:

• How much information is available? – Most manufacturers will be more than happy to provide you with multiple brochures, catalogs, and even videotapes or DVDs to peruse their work. Try to do your initial research online, then begin to deal with the manufacturer directly
• Can you see the manufacturer's work in person? See if there are models of the home sauna you're considering available to see in person. It's one thing to see a picture of the home sauna you're considering, but quite another thing to see it in person – seeing the sauna may make up your mind quickly to go or not go with a certain manufacturer
• Can you get references? See if it's possible to see a sauna actually installed in someones home from the manufacturer you're considering, or at least to be able to talk to people who have purchased from that manufacturer to see if they're satisfied
• What is the manufacturer's business record? Check with the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been lodged against the manufacturer, and if they have been resolved satisfactorily



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