Designing Your Residential Sauna

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What should you consider when designing a home sauna?

Designing Your Residential Sauna

Home saunas can provide a lifetime of enjoyment, if carefully planned and executed. If you want to install a home sauna, there are several design aspects you should consider.
Think about the following:

-How big do you want the home sauna to be? Figure out how many people you'd like to be able to use the sauna at a time, and how much space you can dedicate to the sauna
-How much do you want to spend? If money is no object when building your home sauna, go crazy: install all the amenities you want in your sauna without worry. If, on the other hand, you want to stay within a budget, consider what the most important aspects of the home sauna will be: materials? Size? Look?
-What kind of heat do you want? Research the different kinds of sauna heat (gas, electric, or wood stove, or infrared) and figure out what will be the best for your home sauna
-Should it be inside or outside? Do you want a traditional outdoor home sauna, or do you have space for the sauna inside?

By carefully pre-planning your sauna, you will be happier with the end result.



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