Outdoor Residential Saunas

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What should you think about when designing an outdoor sauna?

Outdoor Residential Saunas

Having a home sauna is convenient and relaxing. But what if you don't have the space for an indoor sauna, and don't want a portable sauna? An outdoor sauna is an excellent solution.

Outdoor home saunas are tradition in Scandinavian countries; bathers would sit in the sauna and then go out and plunge themselves in the snow or a cold lake, then return to the sauna to warm up. This process refreshing, and is cleansing to the skin and body.

If you want an outdoor sauna, you can purchase an outdoor sauna kit from a manufacturer or design and build it yourself. When thinking about your outdoor home sauna design, consider having a separate changing room attached to the sauna, so bathers don't have to change inside the house, and having a bathroom with a shower attached to the sauna as well.

Also, when designing your outdoor sauna, think about what kind of power will be available easily on your property, as you will need to power the sauna stove or heater. Wood, gas, or electric is standard, but make sure that it is legal to install an outbuilding by your home with one of these types of power.



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