Considering A Designer Home Sauna

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Should you consider a designer home sauna?

Considering A Designer Home Sauna

Home saunas can take many shapes and sizes – they can look like anything from a vinyl, one-person tent to a dedicated sauna room in the corner of a large bathroom or basement. But by far, the most impressive and beautiful types of home saunas are designer saunas.

Traditional saunas usually look like wood boxes with a door and perhaps a small window, and they look relatively rustic. If you have rustic home décor or like the look of rich cedar, a traditional sauna room is probably perfect for you. But if your tastes run more towards the contemporary, a designer home sauna may be a better match for your lifestyle.

Designer saunas work the same as traditional saunas, with either steam or dry heat to relax the bather, but they're usually constructed of lighter wood and glass and have rounded corners rather than dark wood with box-like angles. Designer home saunas can be custom built, or purchased as a prefabricated kit, cut to your specific size requirements.

Some designer saunas won't cost any more than a traditional sauna, if you purchase from a kit or want a smaller model. If you want a contemporary look throughout your home, and want your sauna to match that look, a designer home sauna may be the best option for you.



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