Custom Residential Saunas

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What is a custom residential sauna?

Custom Residential Saunas

If you want to install a home sauna, you have quite a few options on what kind of sauna you'd like. You can build it yourself, you can install (or have a contractor install) the sauna from a kit, or you can have a custom sauna designed from one of the many manufacturers that provide custom sauna service.

With a custom home sauna, you will have the most design flexibility with your sauna and be assured that you are getting exactly what you want. If you design a custom sauna, you can pick the wood (or other material) it's constructed from, the kind of heating system you want (electric, gas, or wood stove or infrared), and the size.

Whereas with kit saunas or prefabricated saunas you are limited in the size, look, and functionality of the saunas available, with a custom home sauna you can make sure that the sauna fits into your home design or landscaping scheme and that it exactly fits your needs.

A custom sauna (depending on the size chosen and materials used) can be more expensive than buying a prefabricated kit, but if you want the sauna to be built to your exact specifications, the cost is worth it.



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