Assembling a Tent Sauna

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How do I assemble a tent sauna?

Assembling a Tent Sauna

Assembling a tent sauna is a speedy process, making it a good purchase if you want ease of use combined with portability. Most tent saunas are assembled in much the same way.

Here is a quick guide on how to set up a tent sauna:
• Open the tent by pulling the ends out
• Open up the frame and ensure it is stable
• Pull the seat down and make sure it is secured in the frame correctly
• Put water into the boiler, if you have a steam sauna
• Wait approximately 30 minutes for the water to warm; or, if you're using an infrared sauna, wait about 15 minutes for the sauna to heat up
• Slide in, zip up the tent, and enjoy the sauna



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