Deciding If A Dry Sauna Is Right For You

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Which should you choose – a wet sauna or a dry sauna?

Deciding If A Dry Sauna Is Right For You

Because there are differences between dry saunas and wet saunas, you may be wondering which one is best for you to put into your home or use.

Most sauna experts say that the choice between a dry sauna experience and a wet sauna experience is merely a matter of preference. Dry saunas usually operate at a higher temperature than wet saunas, but don't employ humidity to heat the air. Since dry saunas use a “dry heat,” they can feel cooler than a wet sauna; if you have sensitivity to heat, a dry sauna may be more comfortable.

Dry heat can also aggravate respiratory conditions in some people, more than humidity. The extreme temperatures in a dry sauna can cause your mucus membranes to dry out and be somewhat uncomfortable, so if you have a sensitive respiratory system, consider wet saunas instead.

Dry saunas boost metabolism and heart rate more than wet saunas, so they can aid more in weight loss than wet saunas do; wet saunas, on the other hand, will cause the bather to sweat more.

The bottom line to deciding which sauna is right for you is that it is a completely personal decision. Both wet saunas and dry saunas provide their own benefits and will result in a relaxing, positive experience.



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