Definition Of A Dry Sauna

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What is a dry sauna?

Definition Of A Dry Sauna

When people think of “saunas,” they usually think of steamy rooms where bathers lounge on wooden benches, enjoying the heat and humidity. But there is such a thing as a dry sauna, though the name “dry sauna” can be somewhat misleading.

Traditional Finnish saunas use steam to make the bather sweat, whereas dry saunas, or traditional Swedish saunas, don't use steam – they just use heat.

Dry saunas must use temperatures that are much higher than steam saunas, because humid air transfers heat more effectively than dry air; this is why it feels hotter outside on a humid day than on a dry day. Even though the temperature is higher, however, it does not mean that a dry sauna is more uncomfortable than a steam sauna.



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