What You Need For The Perfect, Five-Star Sauna, Part 2

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What are the aspects of a five star sauna, part 2?

What You Need For The Perfect, Five-Star Sauna, Part 2

Saunas are wonderful at-home therapy, but to be really great, it should have a proper plan and be built well. A Finnish sauna architect has developed a system of ratings for building a sauna, from one to five stars. A five-star sauna is considered the highest rating for any sauna. When building a sauna, incorporate some of the five-star criteria to be able to provide a luxurious sauna experience.

To be a five star sauna, the sauna must:
• Have many stones of the appropriate kind – a sauna should have at least 50kg of stones that put off adequate amount of heat
• Have good height – the bathers should be completely above the heater
• Have appropriate ventilation – for either an electric or wood heater, there should be proper ventilation coming in to provide fresh air
• Have oxygen-rich air – make sure the air in the sauna is fresh and pleasant
• Use clear, clean water – regular drinking water should be used to generate the steam, not rainwater or seawater
• Have mood lighting – do not let direct lights interfere with the relaxation of the sauna. Lights should be behind wood paneling and obscured
• Made of wood – the best saunas are made of thick logs
• Have good attention to detail – make sure benches and other surfaces can be easily cleaned and the nails should be hidden
• Be a part of tradition – respect the peaceful atmosphere of the sauna



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