Technical Considerations When Building A Sauna

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What technical concerns should be taken into consideration when building a sauna?

Technical Considerations When Building A Sauna

Once you've designed your sauna and picked its location, you need to actually build the sauna. Building a sauna is an accomplishment and will last a long time, if you follow these technical considerations:

• Make sure you have the electric (if you're using an electric stove) for the heater in place before installing the wood
• Insulate the walls and ceiling with at least R11 insulation, and then cover them with either plywood or drywall
• The ceiling should be at least 7'1” from the floor
• There should be a tiled floor, and for easy cleaning, the tile should come up about 4” on the walls
• From underneath, blind nail the benches to prevent burning on the hot metal
• The door to the sauna should be self-closing without a door knob
• Put a heater guard around the heater to prevent burning



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