Selecting A Heater When Building a Sauna

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What kind of heat should you use when building a sauna?

Selecting A Heater When Building a Sauna

The whole point of a sauna is to generate heat, so choosing a heater is an important step in building a sauna. There are several different options for sauna heaters, such as electric, gas, and wood. Here are the benefits and problems with each method:

• Wood stoves: the aroma of burning wood is pleasant, and wood stoves are considered the most traditional in saunas. The only problem with a wood stove is that you must have a supply of wood ready when you want to use your sauna, which means you either need to cut it yourself or buy it pre-cut
• Electric stoves: almost all homes have available electricity, making electric stoves a popular and easy choice to use in your sauna. For infrared saunas, electric is the standard power choice. Using an electric stove will, of course, increase your utility bills
• Gas stoves: gas is cheaper than electric, and a good choice for the budget-conscious. It is easy to obtain and clean, but make sure your gas heater does not emit carbon monoxide



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