Design Considerations For Building A Sauna

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What design features should you take into consideration when building a sauna?

Design Considerations For Building A Sauna

Building a sauna can be a cost-saving and enjoyable experience. Make sure to think about all design considerations, though, before you actually start to build your sauna. Some points to keep in mind:
• How large do you want your sauna? How many people should it accommodate?
• How large do you want your heater or stove to be, and how much are you willing to spend on it?
• Do you want any additional rooms, like a shower or changing area?
• Do you want to build from a prefabricated sauna kit, or do you want to gather your materials yourself?
• Where do you want the sauna? Should it be indoors, or out?
• Is your electric power in the area you're building adequate and up to code?
• What kind of wood do you want to use? Is it appropriate?



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