The History of Infrared Saunas

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What is the history of infrared saunas?

The History of Infrared Saunas

Sauna technology has been used throughout history. There is record of the Finns using saunas for religious purposes, to cleanse the spirit and mind, and Native Americans sat in sweat lodges to purify their bodies and minds as well.

Although steam saunas have been around for a long time, far infrared ray technology originated in Japan in the 1960s, by a doctor named Tadashi Ishikowa. Dr. Ishikowa applied for and received a patent for zirconia infrared heaters in 1965, and from there on, infrared technology was used widely in Japan by health care practitioners.

The infrared technology was released to the public in 1979, and infrared saunas began selling in the Unites States in 1981. American researchers have refined and developed the technology further since the saunas have been marketed.



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