Infrared Sauna Equipment and Heaters

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What do I need to know about infrared sauna heaters and other infrared sauna equipment?

Infrared Sauna Equipment and Heaters

Far infrared sauna equipment and far infrared heaters are new to the market compared to traditional steam saunas, and have rapidly grown in popularity.

Infrared heaters provide warmth and heat through the use of an invisible spectrum of light - without the risk of a sunburn. Far infrared heaters are more effective at heating the body because there is greater coverage and the heat is directed toward the person rather than at the air. Since far infrared heaters work in a dry environment, the sauna requires less maintenance, all but eliminating the risk of mold or mildew in the home.

Other far infrared sauna equipment and sauna supplies you may be interested in include glass doors, multi-media (including music and video) and pre-set controls. Use this quick checklist to compare different makes and models of far infrared saunas to get the best deal for your money:

1. Total surface area heated. Not all far infrared heaters are the same. Be sure to verify the total surface area covered. For instance, Sunlight Saunas cover over 634 square inches versus as little as 26 square inches on other models.

2. EMF ( Electromagnetic field radiation) shielding. Many far infrared saunas do not include steel conduit electrical shielding so be sure to read the technical specifications carefully.

3. Construction of sauna. Is the sauna constructed of tongue and groove hardwood or a thin veneer sheeting material? For a long life-span look for quality tongue and groove construction.

4. Safety Certified. With increasing product recalls, it's important to make sure your sauna is safety certified to the standards of this country. Look for a reputable vendor that uses Non-toxic materials with ISO 9000 certification.



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