Sauna Heaters Made Simple

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What type of sauna heater is best?

Sauna Heaters Made Simple

Sauna heaters can seem confusing. However, understanding a few simple terms will make it easy to select the perfect heater for your home sauna.

Sauna heaters can be electric, gas or wood burning. Each has different considerations depending on your location, type of sauna desired, available space and other factors.

  • By far, the easiest and most convenient sauna heater is an electric heater. Many can simply be plugged into any standard outlet whereas others may require some electrical work prior to installation. In either case, electric sauna heaters tend to be clean, easy to use and have the distinct advantage of allowing the user to pre-set the time so the sauna is ready when you are!
  • Gas heaters tend to be powerful but the escalating cost of fuel combined with the installation requirements make this less convenient for many homeowners.
  • Finally, wood burning sauna heaters are considered the traditional choice but many users find it less relaxing to tend to the wood and steam rather than simply relax. Also, if you live in the city a wood burning sauna may not be permitted.
Use these quick questions to determine which sauna heater is the best choice for you:

1. Do you want a quick easy to use sauna or prefer the traditional smell and atmosphere of a wood burning sauna?

2. Do you have a location to install a wood burning or gas sauna or will it create a potential fire/other hazard?

3. Are you able and willing to cut wood, clean up or otherwise compensate for the wood required in a wood burning sauna heater?

4. Do you have the time to learn how to set the right temperature when dealing with a wood burning sauna heater?

5. Do you want a timer or other schedule option on your a sauna heater?



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