Comparison Shopping for Portable Infrared Saunas

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What should I look for when buying a portable infrared sauna?

Comparison Shopping for Portable Infrared Saunas

Maybe you have heard about portable far infrared saunas, and are thinking about purchasing one for yourself or as a gift. Here's a guide are to buying a portable infrared sauna that meets all of your needs:

1. Check the warranty. Most portable saunas are affordable, but it is worth a few extra dollars to get a good warranty. For example, Sunlight Saunas offers a lifetime warranty on the electrical and heater components of their SoloSystem product.

2. Width and length specifications. Don't be caught off guard, larger men may find small portable saunas uncomfortable if they are not properly sized. A portable sauna should be small enough to require little space and remain near to the body without touching it.

3. Power supply requirements and safety certification. The standard for US based products is 120 volts and should be clearly marked with the approval of safety agencies.

4. Waterproof outer layer. Although a portable far infrared sauna is a dry sauna, you may still sweat while using it so find a waterproof outer later to ensure cleanliness and long term durability.

5. Lightweight and easily stored. Look for photos or dimension to see exactly how it will fold up and be stored away. Complex or bulky items tend to be used less and the entire point of a portable sauna is the ease and convenience of use.

6. Safe EMF levels. With the numerous recalls making headlines in the media, safety is more important than ever. Understand the EMF levels and search for a portable sauna that specifically mentions safe EMF levels.

7. Easy access to controls. Once you relax, having fingertip controls makes the entire experience more enjoyable.



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