The Must-Have Home Gym Solution: Portable Infrared Sauna

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How can I put a sauna in my home gym?

The Must-Have Home Gym Solution: Portable Infrared Sauna

The benefits of owning your very own home gym far outweigh the initial cost: convenience, cleanliness and fitness. Many people have turned an extra bedroom, porch or garage into a personal fitness center but still crave a few of the amenities of the health spa experience. At the top of that list? A sauna.

The good news is that far infrared saunas are more affordable than ever. Even if you are very limited on space, consider the portable sauna. It's light-weight, convenient and easy to store, but provides the same muscle and joint pain relief of a large sauna. Since they are dry, the portable far infrared saunas require almost no maintenance and can even be used while watching television after your work-out!
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