Home Sauna for Fitness: Burn Fat Not Money!

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What do I need for a home gym?

Home Sauna for Fitness: Burn Fat Not Money!

As baby boomers and those with hectic work schedules try to maintain the balance between fitness and convenience, the cost of a home gym or personal spa versus health club membership has become more attractive than ever. A home sauna for fitness makes sense once you compare the convenience, health benefits and savings to the long term year after year cost of a health club membership.

Here is what you need to get a complete work-out, lose weight and increase your health for less than the cost of annual health club memberships for the family.

1. Look into purchasing a DIY home sauna or sauna kit. They are easy to assemble and infrared sauna weight loss is a great way to relax and lose weight. A home sauna will also allow you to increase circulation, decrease stress and provide muscle and joint pain relief after those big work-outs.

2. Shop around for an all-in-one home gym. There are free-weight or band type gyms that provide a full range of resistance training for the entire body. Build muscle to reduce the risk of osteoporosis and increase your metabolism by increasing muscle mass.

3. Take a walk or buy a treadmill for a great cardiovascular workout. It's important to exercise your heart at least three times a week but it doesn't have to be expensive. Home equipment is affordable and durable (plus very convenient). But just as many people enjoy the beauty and relaxation of taking a brisk walk or going for a jog outdoors.

Once you discover how quick and easy fitness can be when you don't have to fight traffic, drive across town or wait in line for a machine then chances are you will enjoy it more and stop skipping your exercise routines. Best of all, the entire sauna, resistance training and cardio equipment can fit in a spare bedroom or garage.



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