Sauna Body Cleansing: More Important Than You Might Think

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Is detoxification and sauna body cleansing really needed?

Sauna Body Cleansing: More Important Than You Might Think

You have probably heard about the health benefits of detoxification and sauna body cleansing but perhaps you don't think it applies to you. After all, you keep your home clean and don't work in a chemical plant so what is there to worry about - right?

In October of 2006, National Geographic set out to determine whether or not the body is really filled with toxins, chemicals and potentially harmful heavy metals. What they found was shocking. Take a look at this quick list to see how many potential toxins you or your family may have absorbed without even knowing it.

1. Use a coffeemaker, blender, microwave or toaster? Then you may have been exposed to CPDEs or Polybrominated diphenyle ethers capable of causing developmental problems in animal studies.

2. Do you have vinyl flooring in your home? How about plastic containers or food wraps? Water bottles? Chances are you have been exposed to phthalates. Health complaints include sexual development problems especially among young boys.

3. Use a flea collar on your pet, exterminate for pests in your lawn or garden? There is a long list of potential pesticides that may have been absorbed by you and your family. Health problems range from Asthma to immunological problems.

4. Use non-stick pots and pans or other stain/scratch resistant coatings? These popular cooking choices may contain PFAs or perfluoroclane sulfonates which are carcinogenic and can take years for the body to eliminate.

This is only a tiny sample of the literally hundreds upon hundreds of chemicals and toxins that the average American is exposed to repeatedly. In this day and age, sauna body cleansing makes more sense than ever.



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