Create Your Personal Sanctuary for Emotional Wellness

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How can I create my own personal santuary?

Create Your Personal Sanctuary for Emotional Wellness

The health benefits of sauna therapy are widely recognized for increased circulation, weight loss, detoxification and other health issues but few people think of a sauna to help with mental or emotional health issues. Stress is a leading cause of both physical and emotional discomfort in modern society and few things are as relaxing to both body and mind as the gentle warmth of your very own infrared sauna.

A quick 15 minute session can revitalize, relax and restore your tired mind and body in the privacy of your own home! To create your very own personal sanctuary begin by selecting the sauna that will fit your space and budget. Vendors like Sunlight Sauna offer a wide range of options from one person portable saunas to large infrared saunas suitable for the entire family. Next, the sauna should be low maintenance and appealing...after all, you want to enjoy the health benefits of infrared heat therapy, not spend time on maintenance!

Be sure to review the dry sauna options for the lowest operating cost and maintenance schedules. While you are selecting the sauna set aside a little something in your budget for a few of the optional extras like built in CD, DVD or LCD player. The addition of relaxing music or videos is a wonderful method to refresh both body and mind after a long day of work. Finally, don't forget those little extras that make the entire experience complete: big lush bath towels, soy candles, aromatherapy oils and even a special bar of soap for your shower to make the entire experience complete. has a special line of products specifically suited to compliment the home spa experience to take the stress out of creating your very own personal sanctuary.



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