Sauna Benefits for Obesity and Diabetes

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How can a sauna help with my weight?

Sauna Benefits for Obesity and Diabetes

Millions of Americans suffer through bland diets, time consuming exercise regiments and boring fitness programs in order to lose weight. Fortunately, research indicates there is something enjoyable and relaxing that might help you take off those unwanted pounds: try using a sauna.

According to an article published by the Journal of Experimental Biology and Medicine, body weight and fat were found to decrease after two weeks of sauna therapy. Reduction in appetite, increased blood flow to the skin and other health related benefits were also noted. The dual benefits of weight loss combined with increased blood flow may prove particularly beneficial to diabetic patients who often experience weight gain and vascular problems associated with the disease. Of course, it's always important to speak with your health care provider before beginning any heat therapy.

Use these quick checklist to determine if you are a good candidate for the potential health benefits to be derived from using a sauna.

1. Do you want to reduce your weight or do you suffer from a lifestyle related condition like diabetes?

2. Do you need muscle and joint pain relief either due to chronic disease, excess body weight or strenuous work-outs?

3. Do you have vascular conditions that may benefit from the use of a sauna or thermal therapy?

Ask your healthcare provider if sauna benefits are a good fit for your condition and then enjoy the relaxing and therapeutic use of an infrared sauna and you too can experience sauna weight loss.



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