Sauna Heaters vs. Sauna Stoves

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What is the difference between a sauna heater and a sauna stove?

Sauna Heaters vs. Sauna Stoves

What heats your sauna is obviously the important part of the sauna; choosing a heater or stove is an important step in your sauna design process. But what is the different between a sauna heater and a sauna stove? And what is available at

There really isn't much difference between a sauna “heater” and a sauna “stove;” in most cases, the terms are interchangeable. A steam sauna heater can be run by electric, gas, or wood. When referring to electric or gas-power, like a heater from Avalon, Vico, or Tylo, the term “heater” and “stove” are interchangeable. When referring to wood-power, such as a stove available from Polar Sauna or Catalina, the term “stove” is usually used, because wood heaters resemble a stove more than electric or gas.

When talking about infrared saunas, like the SaunaGen or Polar Sauna infrared saunas, the word “heater” is used, because there isn't usually a central heating unit that is visible, like with steam heaters – there really is no “stove.”

No matter whether you call it a sauna heater or sauna stove, has a wide range of models and manufacturers available for your heating needs.



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