Selecting a Steam Sauna Heater

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How do you select a sauna heater?

Selecting a Steam Sauna Heater

There are many different kinds of steam sauna stoves available for your home sauna; one manufacturer can offer several different models. For example, Catalina Luxury Saunas offers six different models to choose from

Ask yourself these questions to determine which steam stove is right for you.

• Where do you want your heater to mount? Most steam heaters either mount on the floor (floor mount) or on the wall. Most of the steam heaters available at are floor mount heaters

• How much do you want to spend on electric bills? There are different kinds of heaters that run on electric, gas, and wood; if you don't want high electric bills, select a wood-burning heater from Catalina or Polar Sauna. Also make sure the heater is appropriate for the size of your sauna

• Do you care what it looks like? Different heaters have different looks; for example, Polar Sauna offers heaters in red, chrome, and other colors



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