Sauna Accessories for Comfort

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What are some sauna accessories that will aid in your comfort?

Sauna Accessories for Comfort

The whole point of using a sauna is to relax and be comfortable. But there are quite a few sauna accessories from that can enhance your experience and make you more comfortable.

Perhaps the most popular comfort sauna accessory is a sauna headrest, like the cedar head/backrest available from When you recline in a sauna, you may want to prop your head up – but using a pillow is out of the question, as it will get moldy with prolonged sauna use.

The cedar headrest you can purchase through measures 19 ¾ by 14 5/8, and is affordable at $42. It is designed to fit most sauna decors.

Thermometers, like those available at, can also make your sauna experience more comfortable. They can tell you how hot it is in the sauna and if you need to adjust the heater or humidity.



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