Sauna Cleaners

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Do I need to use a sauna cleaner?

Sauna Cleaners

A sauna can provide a lifetime of enjoyment if cared for correctly. But what is the best way to clean your sauna?

Because the wood in steam saunas is constantly exposed to water, they should not be scrubbed or hosed down with water for cleaning. No harsh detergents or cleaners should be used to clean the wood, either, because they could strip the wood of important essential oils and dull its luster and aroma. Special sauna cleaners can be used to wash down the walls to remove body oils and bacteria, and will help maintain the look of the wood.

For the floor, you should wipe with a damp (not wet) cloth, and you can add a special sauna cleaner to help with heavy stains. When you use water and a sauna cleaner to clean the floor, you should make sure you air out the sauna effectively to let the floor dry.

Sauna cleaners can be purchased from stores that sell saunas, online, and in some pool supply stores.



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